Our Team

FREDDY ESQUIRE'S CLEANING SQUAD's employees are highly-trained, experienced and dedicated to the success of our business.

Fred Scott Sr.

Position/Professional title, Owner



Specialty 1, Specialty 2, Over 40yrs of cleaning and 30 as Supervisor


Professional development

Year 40yrs to Date I've working on developing new and better ways 

to clean we have gone Green.

Event 1Houses, Apartment Complexs


Year to Year

Event 2 Offices buildings, We pretty much try to it all when in come's to cleaning.

Beverly Douglas

One of the supervisor of our cleaning team.



Specialty 1 have a good eye on details, Specialty 2 She make sure the jobs done right, She doesn't leave until it's clean.


Professional development

Year 25  yrs.

Event 1Resturants


Year to Year

Event 2 House's, Apartments, Offices, and much much more.

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